Silver Dollar Drill Team Routines 



Devil Dance

The Devil Dance is our signature number and our most requested dance.  The drill is performed to "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels where members enjoy dressing in red sequined vests, elbow length red sequined gloves, and light-up horns.  The horses all wear matching red tack.  This routine is always a crowd favorite!

Gypsy Dance

Colorful and flowing costumes of purples, reds, blues, and greens accented with lots of coins, beads, and sequins swirl into the arena when the drill team performs their Gypsy dance to "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" by Cher.  New in 2005, this routine adds color to any performance.

Indian Dance

The Indian Dance is a salute to our country's Native American heritage.  This dance is always a favorite among the members because of the unique costumes with leather, fringe, and feathers.  Past Indian dances have been to "Indian Outlaw" by Tim McGraw, but this year we are dancing to "Kawliga" by Hank Williams Jr.

Wipe Out

This fun dance is great when it is hot outside and everyone has dreams of hitting the beach.  The team splashes into the arena in colorful tie dyes, sunglasses and flowers.  Even the horses get in on the fun by wearing flowers around their necks. The upbeat music, "Wipe Out," by the Surfaris,  always gets the crowds cheering and the riders also get a chance to work on their tans!

Mexican Dance

  In the Mexican dance a variety of colors burst into the arena through the riders serapes, bright sequined vests and flowers in the girls hair.  The dance is performed to "Caballo Diablo" by Charlie Daniels.  This drill reminds the crowds of old Mexico.  El baile es muy bueno.  Another option to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is performed to "Mas Tequila"- a fun and colorful dance.



Ghost Riders

A fun new dance for 2008.  Performed to "Ghost Riders"   Dressed in silver and black, this dance is sure to be a favorite.  


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