Penny Henson Dunning




Penny was born into Henson Stables and it has been a major part of her life.  She is a former trick and roman rider.  She performed in rodeos and fairs with her parents, with the team of trick riders her mom started in the late 60ís, and now with the Silver Dollars.  Usually astride her beautiful palomino gelding, Sierra, she enters each performance with a smile and lots of energy.  When she carries the flowing American Flag either during the National Anthem at the openings of many rodeos or during numerous parades, the crowd can feel her pride in being given such an honor.  During the fast moving dances, her smile lights up, showing the pleasure she feels when on top of a fast moving horse.  You may contact Penny at
Carrying the American flag on Sierra Always Smiling as bright as her costume
Running in the Indian Dance and the National Anthem Carrying the American Flag during the  Finale
Performing "Wipe Out" on Sierra                             As a gypsy with Sierra
Ready to be a devil on Sierra On Standby for the Finale